Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The Club@ Opening Times

Term Time
Monday to Friday
7.30am - 9am
3pm/3.15pm - 6pm

In-service days/Holiday Club
Monday to Friday
7.30am - 6pm


The Club@ Out of School clubs are run by The Club@ Service Provider, Club Managers, Supervisors and Play Workers.

All The Club@ team members are paid employees and have appropriate qualifications and are required to undertake training as relevant. The Club@ Out of School Clubs work to a staff to child ratio of 1 adult:8 children. In emergencies this ratio is increased to 1:10

Aims and Objectives

We want The Club@ to be the best place to grow up, which values play as a life-enhancing daily experience for all the children and young people who attend the setting.

We aim to offer play and education opportunities that are both fun and challenging. We will promote the dignity, privacy, choice, safety, potential, and diversity of all service users and staff of the club.  

Everyone at the club; children, parent/carers and workers are involved in ensuring the child and their family is at the centre of everything we do.

We will support children and young people to ensure they are Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included (also known as SHANARRI or the Well Being Indicators). We use these indicators to make a positive difference to our children so they can achieve their full potential.

The Club encourage the children to lead in every day planning and activities through the resources provided, these include a balanced range of activities, taking account of the ages, developmental needs, interests, hours and pattern of attendance of each service user.

We will promote these policies and procedures by following the guidelines at all times; copies will be available for parents / carers. Policies will be reviewed regularly to ensure we meet the current legislations at all times.

The Club will employ competent and confident staff that have been appropriately vetted. We will have two written references, and a PVG check before a post is offered.  We encourage lifelong learning and support all members of staff to reach their next level of qualification.  It is a requirement that all staff register with the SSSC.

The Club will operate a quality assurance and improvement system as a means of ensuring continuous improvement along with an evaluation process that will involve all staff and service users.


Registration Fee - £25
Morning (with breakfast) - £7.50
Afternoon (with snack) - £15.00
Full day (morning and afternoon) - £20.00
Sibling discount - 15%
Late pick up charge - £5

Fees are set annually.

Anyone who has difficulty paying fees in this way should approach a Club@ Manager immediately to discuss a more suitable payment method.

In the event of non – payment of bills after the usual reminders, The Club@ will take the necessary steps to recover outstanding debt and this may result in the child/children’s exclusion from the club.

The appropriate rate will be charged for each child attending the Club.  There can be no reduction made if a child is collected early.


Please text the Club on:

MIDMILL - 07740 547020

KINELLAR - 07739038100

if a child will not be able to attend for any reason.  It is not the responsibility of the School to pass the message on.  This is essential for child safety and security.

Children absent from School due to illness are not permitted to attend any of The Club@ activities.


If a child is to be permanently withdrawn from the Club a minimum of four weeks notice in writing must be given.

Please contact the Club Manager in cases of long-term ill health.

Daily running of the Club

A member of the team will collect children from their classrooms/school at the end of the school day and escort them to the Club. A healthy snack and drink will be provided and children may be asked to share in the preparation and clearing up. Activities and opportunities to complete homework will be available. Children are expected to take appropriate care of themselves, other Club members, Team members and any equipment. Children are not allowed to leave the Club premises during their attendance unless with a member of the team.

Children must be signed out at collection and can only be collected by authorised persons.

Healthy Breakfast

As The Club is open from 7.30am, we will be offering a range of healthy cereals, toast and fruit to give children a healthy start to the morning.

Bad Weather

The Club@ will follow the closure procedure as stated within the Adverse Weather/School Closure Arrangements.  In the event of bad weather conditions, electrical/heating fault, or the premises having to close, the club will not operate. 

If required to inform parents we will do this by:

Calling all parents/carers on our contact list to inform them of need of closure, unless the school has been closed prior to our opening times, then it is the responsibility of the school to inform the parent. Although we are open from 7:30am, if the school’s information line is not updated till nearer 8am parents are advised to continue to check mobiles to see if there is a need to come back and collect your child.

In the event that we cannot reach parents children will be kept safe until the parents arrive.

No charge will be taken on an enforced closure day.

Special Education Needs

The Club@ is open to all children up to Primary 7.  If your child has any special educational needs of any type, please discuss their individual requirements with the Club Manager.

Please note that the team do not administer any form of medication unless with completed consent form and guidance from the parent / guardian.

Collection of Children

Children must be collected promptly and signed out by an agreed carer. The Club@ Team should be informed if someone different from usual will be collecting a child and a password given.

Continued late collection of children is not acceptable. Parents / carers will be given one warning and after that any late collections incur a £5 per child fee. 

The club understands that situations will arise where parents / carers are delayed despite every endeavour. In these circumstances the club MUST be telephoned immediately and arrangements made where possible for an agreed third party to collect the child. If they are not known to the club a password must be given.

If a child is not collected by 6pm a member of the team will begin to contact the parent/carer and emergency contacts after 5 minutes and until contact is made. If no contact is made within 45minutes the Police/Social Work department will be contacted and the child passed over to their care

Persistent lateness in collecting children will result in the child being excluded from the Club.

Involvement of Children and Parents

It is the aim of the Club to involve children in planning and running activities and to ensure the provision is child orientated.

Parent involvement is an essential element whether by contributing to fund raising, giving ideas or volunteering assistance.  Your input is welcomed.

Fire Safety

All members of the team are fully trained on our emergency action plan.

If fire alarm bell sounds while you are collecting your child, please follow instructions from the Club staff members and vacate the building immediately and assemble in:



First Aid

The Club has several members of the team who are qualified in First Aid.

In the event of a serious accident, you will be informed immediately.  (Please ensure that the Club has your mobile number).  If only a minor case, you will be informed upon collection of your child.

All accidents / incidents are recorded and parents / guardians will have to sign form on collection of child.

Administration of Medicines

Team members may only administer medication to a child with parent / guardian consent.

A Medication Request Form must be completed detailing the medication name, dosage and time to be given.  Both parent / guardian and a member of the Club@ team must sign this form.

A Medication Administered form will be completed each time medication is given.  Two Club@ staff will be present; one to administer, and one to witness.  Both must sign the form.

Any medication administered must be discussed in full whilst filling in the form with a team member.  Medication will only be administered when the team fully understands how to do so safely.

Code of Conduct

Certain rules and regulations are needed to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being at the Club. 

The children at the Club will be involved in the rule making process.

  • Children are expected to be polite
  • Fighting, swearing and bullying will not be tolerated
  • Children, along with the team, are expected to care of all equipment
  • Children must always advise a member of the team if they are moving from one designated room to another or when going to the toilet
  • Any instructions given by a member of the team must be complied with
  • Parents should inform team members when they leave the Club with their children and sign out as required
  • Walk – DON’T RUN, unless in the gym hall.
Disruptive Behaviour

Team members are responsible for the welfare and conduct of the children while in their care.  Persistent disruptive behaviour will be dealt with in the following way:

  • The child is given three chances/warnings to improve their behaviour. 
  • If this has little effect then the Club Manager will approach the parent/carer to discuss the child’s behaviour.
  • If there is no improvement, a formal letter of warning will be issued stating that three instances of misbehaviour will result in the child being expelled due to the disruption caused to other children.

Any issues you may have must be dealt through the Club Manager in the first instance and will then be discussed with the Service Provider.