What's On

Whats On

Week commencing

October Holidays 2022






Week 1 











Record Breaker Day 


Tallest Lego tower 

Most bottle flips 

Most spoon balances 

Most baked beans 

Star jump challenge 

Basketball comp 

Toilet roll balances 

Quickest biscuit eaten 

Medal making 

Trophy cookies 



SPY Day 


Spy Codes  

DIY laser maze  

Spy Obstacle Course  

Coded Bracelets 

Disappearing Writing  

Fingerprint Science  

Missing Items  

What’s In the Box  


Nerf Battle  

Adventure Playground 


Opposite Day 


Opposite Bingo  

Upside Down Cupcakes  

Backwards obstacle Course  

Alphabet challenge  

Backwards Snack  

Club Staff badges  

Backwards Reading  

Opposite Colouring  


Backwards football 

Opposite Traffic Lights  


 Autumn Extravaganza 


Sensory Bags  

Walk to the Woods  

Scavenger Hunt  

Spiced Playdough  

Leaf Suncatchers  

Leaf butterflies  

Fireworks craft  


Fall Corners 

Free choice In Hall  


Space Day 


Galaxy Jars  

Fruit Rockets  

Exploding Ships  

Make a Solar System 

Space Bingo  

Edible Constellations 

Fizzy Moon Rocks   


Laser Tag 

Cups and Saucers  




Week 2 













Monster Day 


Monster Oobleck 

Yarn Wrapped Monster  

Monster Stew  

Monster Biscuits 

Monster Glove  

Mixing Potions 


Wii Games  

Monster Tag    


Glitz and Glam Day 


Marshmallow Sizzle Sticks  

Paper machè Statues  

Glitter Hair and Nails 

 VIP Badges  

Walk of Fame Star Craft 

Rhinestone Cups  

Photo Shoot 


The Dance Box Workshop (2pm) 


Day of the Dead  


D.O.D Masks  

Q-tip Skeletons 

D.O.D Bingo 

Tissue Paper Flowers  

 D.O.D rock skulls  

Salt Dough skulls  

D.O.D Origami 

Balloon Calavera Skulls 


Parachute Games  

Relay Races  


Halloween Day 


Dressing up Comp  

Halloween Cupcakes  

Halloween Make up  

Creepy Cocktails  

Decorate spooky Doughnuts  

Blind Boxes  

Decorate pumpkins  


Halloween Party  


Movie day  

Movie Quiz  

Teddy bear Picnic  

Sleepy Bunnies  

Genie Slime  

Den Making  

Encanto Glasses  

Lantern craft 

Bay max Marshmallows  

Hama Beads  


Afternoon Movie and Popcorn