What's On

Whats On

Week commencing

Easter 2021

Easter Holiday Club

Tuesday 6th April

Easter Egg Hunt

Lego Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs-ercises

Rock Painting

Paper Planes

Scratch art


Adventure Playground



Wednesday 7th April

Laser Tag

Outfit Making & Fashion Show

Baking – Carrot cake

Pasta Easter Eggs

Nature walk

Garden Xylophone



Wii Sports

Thursday 8th April

Easter Slime

Easter Party

Easter Hat decorating competition

Paint and roll boiled eggs

Baking – Chocolate nests

Bank Attack


Parachute Games

Tuesday 13th April

Club Spa Day

Water Gun Target shooting

Sink or float easter eggs

Fingerprint bug Jar

Baking - Fruit and veg animals


Laser Tag

Follow the Leader


Wednesday 14th April

A day at the Fair

Easter Bingo

Paper plate Bunnies

Trip to the Park

Cloud dough

Jungles on Fire


Pizza Making

Thursday 15th April

Movie Afternoon

Obstacle Course

Jar lid Boats

Pipe Cleaner Butterflies

Talent Show

Don’t Eat Pete!!!

Table Tennis

Capture the Flag (Water Balloons)